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Scope of Work Form and Guidelines for Writing the Practicum Report

Scope of Work Form

Student Name: ________________________________________________
Student Current Work Title: _____________________________________
Student ID: ________________­
Semester: ________________­_
Preferred Email address: _____________________________________

Directions: Before registering for PUBHLTH 698W Worcester Practicum, please describe the proposed practicum experience by completing the information requested below. Please return your completed form to the Worcester MPH Program Director, Dr. Jacalyn Coghlin-Strom at

1. Describe all educational and professional activities that will be included in your practicum work. 

2. List a minimum of five goals for the practicum. What do you hope to achieve through the practicum?

3. Describe the type of organization or setting for your practicum experience (e.g. hospital, health department, research group, federal agency, etc.).

4. Provide the practicum supervisor’s name, title, and e-mail address.

5. Competencies to be achieved through the MPH Degree Practicum:

   Students are required to choose 5 competencies from the list below and write 2 sentences on how that particular competency will be achieved.

  • Discuss various approaches for improving the health status of populations, including a specific initiative for a target population
  • Develop collaborative public health programs and strategies responsive to the diverse cultural value and traditions of the communities being served
  • Develop strategies to support organizations to play a stronger role in health promotion and disease prevention
  • Collaborate on applied population health research
  • Communicate epidemiologic findings to lay and professional audiences
  • Discuss the policy process for improving the health status of populations
  • Demonstrate leadership skills for building partnerships
  • Explain methods of ensuring community health safety and preparedness
  • Analyze the legal, economic, ethical and health bases and implications of public health policies that affect urban populations
  • Describe and apply strategies for advocating for effective public health policies and programs
  • Effectively communicate public health information through oral, written and visual presentation
  • Develop a plan for an evidence-based public health program
  • Work on a team to develop, pilot-test, or implement a policy/practice change
  • Design a planning or evaluation process to monitor and improve an area of concern 
  • Implement best practices in community and population health behavioral change 
  • Research and propose an innovative new approach to health promotion 
  • Work on a team to develop, pilot-test or implement a health behavioral intervention 
  • Apply epidemiological methods to data in order to answer a public health question that interests you 
  • Interpret study findings from research literature and apply that knowledge to a public health or health care problem 
  • Design a study or develop a research protocol to address a problem that interests you 
  • Employ appropriate quantitative or qualitative methods to analyze data on a public health or health care issue 
  • Evaluate outcomes of current practice, programs, research, policies or procedures 
  • Explain the influence of environmental factors on the publics’ health 
  • Work on a team to address an environmental or occupational hazard or problem that concerns you 
  • Summarize regulations and laws in public health____
    Student Current Work Title: _____________________________________
    Student ID: ________________­____________­_

Site Supervisor and Student Evaluations of the Practicum are now done on Survey Monkey.   Please email Linda Hollis, when you and your supervisor are ready to complete the evaluation.


Guidelines for the Written Report of the Student's Practicum

This report is limited to 10 double-spaced pages, preferably a 10 to 12 font, 1” margins. Please use either APA or AMA format to site references.

Below is a list of questions to assist you in writing your paper. While you do not have to answer each and every question, they are provided to generate ideas about the site and your experiences.

Introduction: Describe the background illustrating the importance of your project and its context. How did you decide on your project?

Methods: What were the goals and objectives you and your site supervisor agreed upon for your experience?

Results/Outcomes: What did you do? Who were the people that you interacted with during your experience? What were their roles? Describe the best thing that happened during the experience – something you or someone else said or did, a feeling, insight gained, or goal accomplished.

Lessons learned: What surprised you? What were your positive and negative experiences during the practicum? What did you learn that will enhance your classroom-based experiences? In what ways has this experience changed how you think about public health practice? What insights did you gain that might assist you in your career? What did the experience teach you about public health issues? What specific suggestions do you have that would have improved the project you worked on, the site itself or the experience?