CAPSTONE Scholarship and Discovery Course

CAPSTONE Scholarship and Discovery Course

UMMS recently instituted a new course for medical students beginning with the Class of 2016: Capstone Scholarship and Discovery (CSD). Students, along with their Learning Community Mentor and a Capstone Project Advisor, must meet several requirements for this course. The CSD course was designed for students to build on a personal passion that existed prior to entering the field of medicine, or to identify and develop a new interest through a mentored scholarly project in one of the school’s core competencies (Physician as Professional, Scientist, Communicator, Clinical Problem Solver, Advocate and Person). This is now a graduation requirement from the medical school. Abundant and detailed information can be found on the CSD web pages at 

Each student must identify, by the end of the first semester of their second year, a Capstone Project Advisor. The role of this faculty member will likely vary from advisor to advisor since students have a diversity of interests and will present with a wide range of projects. The Capstone Project Advisor will coordinate with the student’s Learning Community Mentor in initial discussions about project ideas and will spend approximately 18 hours over the student’s last 2 years guiding the project. Lots of great information is available to you (and other potential advisors) through the CSD’s website on FAQs:

This is a great opportunity to share your expertise and content knowledge with a medical student. We encourage our Family Medicine and Community Health faculty to ‘sign up’ as a Capstone Project Advisor through the ‘Advisor Interest Form’ This information links to a searchable database that students may browse and contact you if there are common interests. The more you let students know what interests you, the better the potential match! 

A summary of the CSD course and its requirements, plus roles and responsibilities of a Capstone Project Advisor, was presented by Judy Savageau and Linda Cragin at the department’s Spring 2014 retreat. Additional information was presented at the department's Fall 2014 faculty retreat.  The attached PowerPoint slides provide current information about the course.  We hope that they answer many of your questions! CSD FMCH Retreat Fall 2014.

For more information on the CSD course and how you may become more engaged, please contact either Judy Savageau ( or Linda Cragin (