Course Goals

1. Course goals

This is a two-week immersion course (with several preparatory meetings) required of all second year medical and first year graduate nursing students. Its aim is to introduce students to public health concepts and to communities as a unit of care.  Community engagement in this course allows students to develop and nurture relationships with community organizations for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources, in a context of equitable partnership and reciprocity. 

As a result of this Population Health Clerkship experience, students from the medical school and graduate school of nursing will:

  • Appreciate the value of examining populations and communities as units of care
  • Gain insight into how different health professionals work with the population of focus function as interprofessional teams and have opportunities to work collaboratively
  • Understand and use data to describe the demographics and also the strengths and challenges faced by the population
  • Become aware of resources available for the population/ community
  • Discover the methods by which providers can advocate for and with the population/ community

*Students: Please note that the Population Health Clerkship is an important experiential part of your core coursework for medical and graduate nursing school and your participation is required. There is flexibility in the scheduling in order for preceptors to maximize the benefit of the experience; however, this flexibility is not meant for you to schedule dentist visits, court dates, moving days, etc. There are now many courses that are recorded and available for you to access via technology - we suggest that you schedule outside appointments on days when you would miss content that is available through such other means.