Assignments, Evaluation & Assessment

4. Assignments, evaluation and assessment

Students are evaluated on a credit/no credit basis. All students are expected to attend all planned meetings, complete the clerkship requirements, and be active contributors to group activities. Each student team will conduct a service project or activity as assigned by the team leader(s) and create an academic poster. Each individual student will complete reflective writing assignments and will receive a professionalism grade determined by the site preceptor based on factors such as attendance, engagement and teamwork. Students' final grades will be determined using each of these criteria to calculate the final grade.  

Team scores

1. Scholarly poster (35 points):  this poster will facilitate sharing of knowledge with colleagues, fellow classmates, academic and community faculty and school administration.  Each team will be expected to present their poster orally to attendees at the poster session in November. At the poster session, each team will have ten minutes to present and five minutes to answer questions. Instruction on how to prepare academic posters for the Population Health Clerkship are available online here.  If students plan to use images from their experiences in the community, they are urged to get permission of all people included in the photos. A permission slip can be downloaded here [link].   

Individual scores

1. Reflective writing (30 points): As a part of the Population Health Clerkship, you are required to show written evidence that you have reflected on the experience. The requirement is to write a reflective paper of at least 5 (double-spaced) pages. Your initial submission should be a page or two of initial reflections, and must be received by team leader(s) on Wednesday evening of the first week to allow for early feedback. The second and final submission should include evidence of ongoing reflection during the two week period. Creativity is allowed for this assignment; for example, your submission might include art/photographs with text explaining what these images evoke in you, based on your  experiences.  The final assignment is due to your team leader(s) by 5pm on the last day of the clerkship. 
To help you guide your thinking as you continue your reflections, we are providing a reflection guide with several questions to get you started. We strongly recommend that you answer the included questions as indicated for the first and final reflection entries. The other questions are included as a guide and as a way to help prompt your thinking and move beyond description for the rest of your writing during the ten days. Note that some team leaders have developed their own guidelines for reflective assignments, so be sure to attend all meetings and listen carefully to community preceptors. 

2. Performing to standards of professionalism (35 points):  You represent UMass Worcester during this  experience, and are expected to perform up to the standards held in the community for professionalism. You are expected to dress appropriately, attend all sessions, arrive on time and stay until the end of each day's activities.  Preceptors will be looking for full participation and thoughtful interaction, both within your team and with the full range of proessionals and others with whom you come into contact.   They will be asked to provide a professionalism score for each student based on your work during the immersion period.