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Oral Health

Oral Health


  • From the First Tooth (Dentaquest) – Hugh Silk, MD, MPH
  • Smiles for Life (Dentaquest) – Hugh Silk, MD, MPH
  • Systematic Review of Oral Health Interventions Aimed to Reduce Health Disparities in Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (AADMD and CDC ) – Alexandra Bonardi, PhD
  • Center for Evaluating Integration of Oral Health into Primary Care Training (Harvard Medical School / HRSA) – Hugh Silk, MD, MPH


  • Steve Martin et al. Oral Health and Medicine Integration: Overcoming Historical Artifact to Relieve Suffering. AJPH 2017;107(S1):S30-31.
  • Hugh Silk. The Expanding Dental Workforce – The Impact of Non-dental Providers. Dental Clinics of North America, 2018. 
  • Hugh Silk et al. Curriculum Influence on Interdisciplinary Oral Health Education and Practice. J Public Health Dentistry (2017) at:
  • Hugh Silk, E Sachs Leicher, V Alvarado, E Cote and S Cote. A Multi-State Initiative to Implement Pediatric Oral Health in Primary Care Practice and Clinical Education. J Public Health Dent 2017 June – epub ahead of print.
  • Hugh Silk and Amy Kwok. Addressing Adolescent Oral Health: A Review. Pediatrics in Review 2017;38(2):61-68.


  • Hugh Silk: “Oral Health During Pregnancy” (Massachusetts Dental Hygiene Association Annual Meeting)
  • Hugh Silk: “Caring for the Perinatal Patient in the Dental Setting” (Yankee Dental Congress)
  • Hugh Silk: “A Practical Approach to Oral Health Issues Across the Lifespan” (Connecticut Academy of Family Physicians Annual Symposium)
  • Hugh Silk: “Engaging Health education Programs in Oral Health” (Oral Health for All 2020 Conference)

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