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Title IX Reporting:  Sexual harassment or discrimination due to sex, gender or pregnancy and related conditions

If you require emergency assistance, please dial 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency department.

UMass Chan Medical School is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment free of intimidation, harassment and discrimination.  This includes sexual misconduct such as:

       unsolicited and/or unwanted sexual language or behavior

       microaggressions or differential treatment due to gender

       relationship violence


       eliciting sexual activity for advancement or favor

       retaliation for reporting or participating in Title IX investigations

Such conduct is prohibited by federal law (Title IX) and by UMass Chan policy. 

Make a Report:

UMass Chan is committed to working with all learners and employees to proactively address concerns of sexual and gender-based harassment. 

If you, or someone you know, has been impacted by sexual or gender-based harassment, please use this link to send a report to the Title IX Coordinator.  After review, the Title IX Coordinator will reach out within 1-2 business days to meet with you for more information. 

You may choose to file anonymously, and the report will still be reviewed and filed; however, this significantly limits the Title IX Coordinator’s ability to address the issue directly.

If you are unsure if the incident(s) you would like to report violates the Title IX Policy, it is still appropriate to use this form.  Alternatively, you can email the Title IX Coordinator at titleix@umassmed.edu.

Report a Concern or File a Complaint

Please use the link below to report a concern or file a complaint.