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I strongly believe that the mentor and mentee relationship is paramount to the success of the trainees, and the success to the entire research team.  I believe a skilled mentor’s decisions and actions are guided by a reflective philosophy, a well-developed style, direct communication, and an ability to assess a trainee’s needs. 

I seek to work with colleagues of diverse learning styles, experiences, ethnicities, nationalities, and genders.  I hope to establish good relationships with my mentees, through consistent reflection and communication.  I also aim to stimulate creativity, foster independence, and confidence in my mentees.  I wish to instill within my research team a set of values that is centered on honesty, kindness, caring, and high ethical and scientific standards.  In return, I hope that my trainees, collaborators, and colleagues can gain a sense of confidence, rigorous analytical thinking, creativity, acceptance for different working styles, and recognition of attitudes and experiences among all in my lab group.