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Program Facts

-Free 1-Month program to quit smoking through your Phone

- Two 1-hour MRI Sessions

-Social support

-Sponsored by the UMass Chan Medical School

Ready To Quit Smoking?

Would you like to try a program that can give you on-the-go tools and continuous support, wherever you are, without patches or substitutes?  If eligible, you will receive a free 1-Month program to quit smoking, and you can earn additional compensation for completing our research study!

Are You Eligible?

Are you looking to quit smoking? Do you own a smart phone? Are you between 21 - 65 years old? If YES, click the link above to find out if you're eligible.

Click here to learn more about the study and who we are.
For questions, please contact us at Hanif.Benoit@Umassmed.edu or Call (508) 556-4829