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Radiation Safety

The UMass Chan Radiation Safety office oversee all radioactive materials in the laboratories along with training, registering workers in the labs, ordering, monitoring, and maintaining required records, and collected waste.

  • Radiation orientation class is required of all people wishing to use radioactive materials. Class is every Tuesday promptly at 9am (unless otherwise posted) in S9-700.
  • All radioactive material orders must be submitted online. Online Orders
  • Radioactive waste pickup requests can be done online. LRB pick is scheduled for Thursdays. Special requests can be made through the pickup request form. Waste Pickup
  • All Principal Investigator's must be approved by the RSO office and the RSC before any radioactivity can be used in the lab. PI Package
  • All potential Cesium-137 Irradiator users must be approved by HR to have unescorted access to either irradiator (A-level or LRB). Contact Lakshmi Sivasubramanian for more information.

    Irradiator User Information
  • To reach the Radiation Safety Office: Take the clinical science elevators (near the credit union past the cafeteria in the hosp) to the 8th floor and follow the signs around to stairwell #9. Go up one flight and turn right at the top.
  • For spills – follow the standard Radiation Safety training procedure. During working hours, call the RSO @ x63208 and guard/tape off the spill area until they arrive. After hours, call Operations @ x63292. Check clothes and shoes for contamination before walking around the lab area!