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How to Use Core Facilities

Several Core facilities are available through Research Core Administration. Please scroll through the homepage to access the various core websites and, for services requested, contact the Core directly as indicated on their individual sites. The majority of the websites will have a rate page indicating the various prices.

If using our UMMS Core facilities, please recognize the contribution of key core personnel in your research projects when appropriate.


“We have used the UMass Vector Core to produce small-scale recombinant adeno-associated vector preparations for 12 years. These AAV vector preparations have supported early proof of concept studies for multiple programs.  The Vector Core team has provided exceptional service and high quality AAV vector in a timely manner."

~ Denise Woodcock, Sr. Scientist, Vector Production & Gene Therapy, Sanofi 

"The cryo-EM facility at UMMS is by far the best user facility I have ever experienced! The staff is professional, extremely knowledgeable and helpful and collect data of the highest quality in an efficient manner."

~ Fitzpatrick Lab, Zuckerman Institute, Columbia University

"We have been impressed with the professionalism and the high quality of data and individuals we have interacted with in the UMMS core facilities.  We routinely work with many different CROs in the US and abroad.  The UMMS groups we have worked with truly viewed projects as collaborations and worked in an integrated fashion with our semi-virtual company.  They clearly understand and know how to work with small biotechs.  The expertise and services provided were timely and cost effective.  The results and interpretation were reliable and showed an in-depth understanding of the technology and the ability to explain the nuances of data without drowning in details.  I look forward to any future interactions with this group."

~ Mark Tebbe, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer, Quench Bio

"The UMMS Core Facilties offer a professional, integrated suite of expert groups with state-of-the-art equipment that, in our experience, has surpassed leading CRO’s for our drug discovery efforts."

"The highly integrated suite of facilities at UMMS have surpassed leading CRO’s in cost, speed, and quality for our drug discovery efforts."

"The core facilities at UMMS have been an invaluable resource due to their consistent professionalism, experience, and support across both our chemistry and biology efforts."

~ Neil Dhawan, CEO of Fuse Therapeutics

"We were lucky to have the Mass Spec Core Facility so close to us.  Dr. Shaffer and his group were very interested in our project, we brainstormed together on the best ways to develop the LC/MS assay that we needed, and they proposed a couple of creative approaches to tackle the problem.  Their workplans were well organized in logical stages and had clear objectives for each step.  Once the results began coming in, the staff provided useful summaries and were available for in-person meetings to discuss the data and to plan the next steps.  The project was a success and we now have two potential assays that we can transfer to a GMP laboratory to facilitate release of our preventive HIV vaccine for the next clinical trial.  It's been a great pleasure to work with this team and we will go back to them the next time we need help with any Mass Spec-based projects!

 ~ Yegor Voronin, COO of Worcester HIV Vaccine

"A key challenge for a biotech startup is access to infrastructure and personnel which can be difficult in the early phase of company building since funds are limited.  The UMMS core facilities provide valuable means to solve this problem by providing cost-effective access to a wide range of services including cutting edge technologies, high-end instrumentation and technical support for basic, translational and clinical research.  Specifically, my company Ankaa Therapeutics has been able to tap into the small molecule drug discovery, proteomics and structure-based drug design core facilities to be able to access valuable infrastructure and personnel. This has enabled our Company to be capital efficient while building out its' platform which will then enable us to better seek additional financing to build the company."

~Juswinder Singh, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer - Ankaa Therapeutics

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