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Structure Based Drug Design

Structure Based Drug Design Core

Image Structure Base 

     The Structure Based Drug Design SBDD, started in November 2014, arose from the need of structural biology for many of our translational projects, that was beyond formally funded projects. The expertise of senior structural biologist / biophysicist Dr. Celia Schiffer, Director of the UMMS Institute of Drug Resistance and Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology initiated this core. This core assists researchers with structural characterizations, including molecular modeling, small molecule docking and inhibitor design (using the Schrodinger structure based drug design suite), crystallographic studies, organic synthesis and characterization, structure activity relationship (SAR) and chemistry support. This core interfaces with the x-ray crystallography core, the small molecule screening core, cryo-EM and other screening programs to assist with lead optimization. 


Celia Schiffer