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Animal research core facilities are a critical resource in today's research environment. It is essential to offer a centralized resource allowing the research community access to instrumentation, technologies, and a wide range of services that are otherwise unattainable.

Our core facility provides University of Massachusetts, outside academic institutions and pharmaceutical researchers with a central resource for creating and studying cardiovascular physiology, pathophysiology surgical and non-surgical models on a fee-for-service basis. With our central focus of the core being cardiovascular research, our core offers a wide range of techniques for researchers in a variety of other fields.

There are many ways we contribute to your research:        

  • Our staff has a broad knowledge base in cardiovascular physiology and animal surgery.
  • We work extensively with researchers in writing internal IACUC and IRB protocols.      
  • Data is produced efficiently and consistently.  
  • We provide customized model development for the individual needs of researchers at a fraction of the cost of initial equipment investment and maintenance.
  • Custom acquisition and analysis services.
  • In-depth solutions for comprehensive assessment