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Umbilical Cord Blood Facility

Umbilical Cord Blood Core

Mr. Cord Blood

  The Umbilical Cord Blood Core operates out of the Labor and Delivery unit on the UMMHC-  Memorial Campus. With patient verbal consent, umbilical cord blood units are collected real time,        following delivery of the neonate by either cesarean or vaginal delivery.
Tear Every year, approximately 4,000 deliveries are performed at UMMHC.  When approached in labor, ~80% of women with an epidural consent to donation, and a greater proportion of women are amenable to donation when it is discussed in the prenatal period.

Tear Collected units are refrigerated without patient identifiers or clinical information except for what is needed for confirmation of adherence to IRB-approved eligibility (e.g.; maternal age, and gestational age of delivery) and to promote safety in handling of biologic specimens (e.g.; confirmation of negative maternal HIV or Hepatitis status).  

Tear Collected units are designated to specific basic science lab teams throughout the UMass Chan Medical School and elsewhere, depending on pre-determined arrangements.  Stem cells derived from the units are utilized in cutting-edge medical research.  

Tear On average, collected units weigh 132.6 grams (±33.2), with a range of 65 grams to 251 grams, and are collected in standard bags that are provided through the core and contain a Citrate Phosphate Dextrose anticoagulant solution.  As unit availability and size are directly tied to the unpredictability and timing of human reproduction, labor and delivery, placental size and other independent factors outside our control, investigators are encouraged to discuss their specific needs with our team. 

Tear The core may be able to assist labs desiring umbilical cord blood units collected as per specific protocols that differ from our current, and/or that are paired with clinical data or other information not already collected; however it may require a different IRB and consent processes. 
UMass Chan labs interested in obtaining cord blood units and/or further discussion may contact the core director,

Dr. Kristen A. Matteson


 Supporting science is easy.
Please donate cord blood today!