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Trauma Informed Care Training

Training started recently for the radiology clinical leadership team and will continue with our modality staff for Trauma Informed Care. 

In November 2023, I had a patient reach out to patient advocacy regarding an uncomfortable situation surrounding an internal ultrasound she had experienced. The patient was a victim of sexual trauma and found the quietness of the room and lack of detailed explanation of the exam to be triggering for her. Realizing this to be an area we could improve, I reached out to Jessica Griffin, PsyD and Zlatina Kostova, PhD and worked on developing a Radiology specific training for Trauma Informed Care. The training is an hour long, attended by Radiology Leadership to learn process improvement for patients with past traumatic experiences. It was an incredibly eye opening and informative training that we will now roll out to our respective modalities/departments. Kevin Reynolds took his time to reach out and provide CEU’s for staff for this training, and to be the point person for Zlatina and assist with preparing the room for her presentation (he always goes above and beyond). Leaders from Hahnemann, ACC and Memorial came to University to be present for this which demonstrated their commitment to patient experience. I followed up with Patient Advocacy in hopes of making the patient aware of the patient experience improvements her feedback allowed us. This truly was a remarkable program that I believe should be a part of the on boarding process for all involved in patient care. 

Sometimes it’s nice to hear the positive things happening in our areas!

Adina Laprade, RDMS
Ultrasound Manager
University and Memorial Campuses

Clinical Leadership Team at Trauma Informed Care training
Clinical Leadership Team at Trauma Informed Care Training