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Innovators of the Year 2023 Award - University CT Team

Project: Increased Outpatient CT Scan Throughput

Congratulations to the CT team awarded innovator of the year for their project designed to increase Outpatient CT throughput at the University Campus.  The team created an IV placement station for outpatients so that the patients no longer got the IVs when they were on the CT table.  This also meant that they could bring patients in earlier from the waiting room.  Also, by doing the IVs ahead of time in the IV placement station they freed up CT table time and could manage IV placement and difficult placements in a much more efficient way.  Part of the initiative included converting closet space next to the University CT scanner into an IV placement station. 

The project resulted in a nearly 20% reduction in wait time for patients and a drastically decreased stress level experienced by by staff. 

innovator award ct team

Team members included:

  • Diane Kuindersma
  • Matthew Geary
  • Anthony Abate
  • April Zaterka
  • Carmen Yursha
  • Christopher Gaudette
  • Christopher Stuart
  • Christopher Woeller
  • Christy Lebeau
  • Courtney Sullivan
  • Daniel Breton
  • Danielle McHugh
  • Hailey Joyce
  • Hillary Ladeau
  • Jennifer O'Loughlin
  • Jill Bredmehl
  • Julie Parker
  • Kristin Nee
  • Kevin Fahey
  • Katherine Bachant
  • Micah Levine
  • Michelle Watson
  • Molly Alexander
  • Nils Ljungberg
  • Nina Dipilato
  • Raquel Ford
  • Richard Chambers
  • Russell Frederick
  • Shannon Fogwill
  • Stephanie Weidman
  • Steven Andrade
  • William Antunes