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Quality Dashboard

Radiology Quality Dashboad Tracks Multiple Sites

Radiology Quality Dashboard

With the recent implementation of EPIC and AGFA, the Radiology team was presented with an onslaught of data collection and reporting opportunities. The question(s) then became; How do we make sense all of this information? How to we share this information? How can we display this information in a meaningful way? Led by Steven Baccei, MD, Senior Vice-Chair of Quality, Patient Safety, and Process Improvement, the Clinical Quality Managers (Kevin Reynolds and Tim Clark), set out to identify a way to work with these data sources to (1) track key performance indicators, (2) improve operational efficiencies, and to (3) help detect changes in patients for optimized outcomes.

Utilizing a web-based tool known as ClicData, the Clinical Quality Project Managers have developed a semi-real time and very interactive dashboard to display key performance indicators for on-going projects and peer review work that is happening in the department. The dashboard, which is embedded into the Radiology SharePoint website, is easily accessible and available to ALL Radiology areas that fall under the UMass Memorial umbrella. One key component of the dashboard is that it provides a single source of truth governed across the many Radiology areas. All staff can rely on this data as being the most up to date and most accurate for a specific project or for on-going compliance assessments such as the Critical Results Reporting or Report Turnaround Time. Kevin Reynolds and Tim Clark developed the dashboard from scratch utilizing Excel Spreadsheets, ClicData stock features, HTML, and basic SQL computer language. The dashboards are completely customizable to fit the requests of the department.

Another key component of the dashboard is that it is extremely interactive. On any given dashboard, users have the ability to “drill down” into the data to get more insight to help predict scenarios or determine effectiveness of improvement. Drill down capabilities give users the ability to sort by campus, provider, modality, hour of the day, day of the week, shift, tech, and so on. The current layout and functionality of the dashboard is still in the beta phase. As this is a brand new tool for the department, it is being changed and updated every day with new layouts and new features. The feedback of all Radiology staff is welcomed to help improve the use, functionality, and utilization of the dashboard. We welcome you to visit the site by clicking on the following link https://teams.umassmemorial.org/sites/radserv/Lists/Radiology%20Quality%20Dashboard/AllItems.aspx or by visiting the Radiology SharePoint website. More features to come soon!
**Keep in mind that the link must be opened in FireFox or Google Chrome to ensure the site operated appropriately.