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Letter from the Chair

Date Posted: lunes, agosto 28, 2017

Max Rosen, MD - Radiology Department Chair

Dear All,

This month’s newsletter features the wide range of activities within our department: Radiology’s participation at the UMMS medical student activities fair and our presentation at the AUR meeting; Dr. Hussain’s report from Iraq and a profile of Delgerekh Saingargal, MD,who is visiting us from Mongolia; recognitions of Venkatesh Murugan, MBBS who has been selected for the RSNA/AUR/ARRS Introduction to Academic Radiology (ITAR) Program, and a wonderful article this past week in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette featuring collaborative and innovative care provided by Dr. Christine Wallace, Juyu “Ruby” Chueh and Dr. Jeremy Aidlen; and recognition of our senior residents who all passed the ABR core exam. We also feature alumni news, including the incredible generosity of Dr. Pat Sutman who is hosting Dr. Saingargal; and a wonderful letter to one of our faculty (who has requested to not be identified). All of these activities have been ongoing as we get ready for Agfa and EPIC at 4 pm on Sunday October 1.