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Dr. Hussain - Updates from Iraq - III

Date Posted: lunes, agosto 28, 2017


The Imam AL Hujjah Hospital Opens in Karbala, Iraq

Dr. Hussain took a sabbatical year 2017, helping to commission Imam Al-Hujjah Charity Hospital (IHH), in the holy city of Karbala, Iraq. The IHH, funded by private donations, has been under construction for 8 years. 

Patient services were inaugurated on May 23 with general outpatient clinic, radiology, laboratory and pharmacy. In preparing for the opening, the radiology stationary, film jackets (Fig 1) and CD labels were produced. Study protocols, pricing policy, marketing material was prepared for the opening. The PACS is under installation. Radiology will be filmless in the next few months. Karbala saw new billboards featuring Radiology (Fig 2)

Physician and support staff recruitment has been from local talent. With 15 physicians and about 80 paramedical and support staff.  

As there is no insurance presence in the country, patients are self-pay or heavily subsidized from Patient Welfare funds at IHH. Radiology, laboratory and outpatients charges are 25-35 % less than the average cost of care in private hospital in town. For instance, Chest radiograph Iraqi Dinars (ID) 10,000, abdominal ID 15,000, brain CT charge ID 60,000. Patients’ patronage has been strong. In the first 8 weeks, IHH has served over 3,000 patients. 

Dr. Hussain photo used Diagnostic Radiology

Radiology film folders will be used until we go live with PACS

Billboards in Iraq

Billboards have been displayed in Karbala

Radiology is open from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm, 7 days a week. On an average day we are performing about 25 MRI, 10 CT, 15 ultrasound and about 8 plain film studies, with a revenue of ID three million.

In late July, image guided interventional procedures were introduced starting with spinal metastasis biopsy. With few consumers in Iraq, the interventional supplies such as catheters and guide wires are difficult to come by. A few that are available, are expensive. A core biopsy needle costs ID 85,000. (1 US $ = 1,250 Iraqi Dinars)

Iraq hospital sign Night View of Imam Al Hujjah Hospital - Karbala Iraq

Night Views of Imam Al Hujjah Hospital