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Safety & Security on Campus

Reporting Intruders or Suspicious Activity

The Department of Public Safety encourages all staff and students to report any suspicious activity. Occasionally, staff or students return to their office or laboratories and find a stranger there. They should contact Public Safety immediately for assistance if they suspect any unusual activity.

It is paramount that staff members not cause a confrontation. It is more prudent to provide Public Safety with a detailed description of the individual and their direction of travel should they leave the area prior to the arrival of a University police officer.

View Suspect Description form.

Descriptions should include: 

  • approximate height
  • weight
  • age
  • race
  • clothing
  • hair and eye color
  • any other features such as eyeglasses, facial hair, etc.

Do not confront intruders or pursue them when they flee the scene. It is far more important to be able to provide the police with a good description of the individual and direction of travel.

Tips for protecting yourself and your personal belongings while at UMASS

  • Never leave personal belongings unattended anywhere at the Medical School Campus. If it is necessary to do so, store pocketbooks and other property in a locked desk where only you or a close colleague has access.
  • If you must leave your belongings in your car, lock them out of sight or in the trunk.
  • Lock your doors, windows and desks when you leave your office, lab or work area.
  • Do not prop open self-locking doors.
  • Do not leave notes on your door advertising your absence or when you will return.
  • Do not hide keys under mats, above doors, in lab jackets or near your office.
  • Do not leave any portable equipment unattended in accessible areas. Secure it in a cabinet or have equipment bolted down.
  • Report defective or broken locks immediately to the Medical School locksmith at 856-2542.