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Crime Prevention & Campus Watch Program

Violence Management/Prevention Committee


UMass Campus Programs 
Domestic Violence

The mission of the Violence Management/Prevention Committee is to assist UMMS employees in the management and prevention of violence within the Medical School community. The committee defines violence as any actual or potential threat of physical harm to self, others or property. The committee carries out this mission through the following objectives and on-campus activities:


  • Identify existing policies as well as develop additional ones related to safety and violence management/prevention at UMMS as necessary.
  • Develop educational in-service programs for staff on early assessment, intervention and prevention of violence.
  • Facilitate increased awareness of violent incidences during monthly meeting case reviews.
  • Provide support to staff throughout the aftermath of violence within the UMMS community.


  • Student & Employee orientations
  • Crime Prevention Bulletins
  • Member of Safety Committee
  • Fingerprinting Service
  • Money Escorts
  • Motor Vehicle Assists
  • Reporting & Investigating Safety Hazards


Massachusetts Campus Watch Model Programs 
Escort Service 

Whistle Program 

Student/Employee Patrol 

Suspect Description (pdf) 

Operation Identification 

Massachusetts Campus Watch

The five University of Massachusetts Campuses have been working with the Mass Department of Housing & Community Development and the Massachusetts Crimewatch Commission to create Massachusetts Campus Watch. The Massachusetts Campus Watch was created specifically for Colleges & Universities to bring the Crimewatch Concept into the University setting.

Massachusetts Campus Watch is the central component of all campus crime prevention programs within the five University of Massachusetts institutions, and is designed to protect the campus environment by encouraging students, faculty, and staff to report suspicious and criminal activity. This statewide initiative deters criminals from campuses by advertising the communication network between campus members and the police.

Massachusetts Campus Watch is an awareness program aimed to promote the practice of preventing crime by teaching students, faculty, and staff how to protect themselves from becoming a crime victim.