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Adjunct Appointments

  • Joseph F. Urban Jr.

    Joseph F. Urban Jr., PhD

    Dr. Joseph F. Urban, Jr. received his PhD in Immunology/Microbiology at Syracuse University in 1975 and was a post-doctoral fellow at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the laboratory of Kimishige and Teruko Ishizaka, who characterized human IgE, working on nematode induced allergic disease. He then spent the next 42 years in various research and leaderships positions at the United States Department of Agriculture in Beltsville, MD working on immunity to parasites, parasite biology, and nutritional immunology. Dr. Urban has contributed to over 380 peer-reviewed manuscripts and book chapters related to his research interests over his research career.

  • Juleen R. Zierath

    Juleen R. Zierath, PhD

    Adjunct Professor of Molecular Medicine, UMMS, is presently Professor of Clinical Integrative Physiology and Head of the Section of Integrative Physiology at the Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery and the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm Sweden, where she is Director of the The Strategic Research Programme in Diabetes. She is also Professor of Integrative Physiology at University of Copenhagen, where she is a Scientific Director at the Marie Krogh Center for Metabolic Research, Copenhagen Denmark.