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CR22 Podcast Library

  1. Curriculum ReVolution Update -Jan 15 iTunes (SoundCloud link)
  2. Core Topic Template Jan 22  iTunes (SoundCloud link)
  3. EPC Presentation & Town Hall #2 -Jan 29  iTunes  (SoundCloud link)
  4. 3 Year MD program -Feb 4  iTunes (SoundCloud link)
  5. Outside Resources - Q&A Panel with Students -Feb 12  iTunes  (SoundCloud link)
  6. Longitudinal Benchmark Consultants- Feb 19  iTunes  (SoundCloud link)
  7. Clerkship Durations -Feb 26  iTunes  (SoundCloud link)
  8. Narrative Assessments - March 6  iTunes  (SoundCloud link)
  9. EHR-C -Mar 12  iTunes (SoundCloud link)
  10. Longitudinal Biomedical Consultants- March 19  iTunes (SoundCloud link)
  11. UMichigan's UME curriculum March 26State of the State (iTunes)
  12. State of the State--CR22, April 2 (iTunes link)
  13. Simulation in MedEd - April9  iTunes (SoundCloud link)
  14. External Resources Proposal Follow Up - April 16  iTunes (SoundCloud link)
  15. Clinical Integration & Case Based Learning - April 30th   iTunes (SoundCloud link)
  16. Health Systems Science - May 6 iTunes (SoundCloud link)
  17. Integrated Anatomy - May 14  iTunes (SoundCloud link)
  18.  MedXR - May 21  iTunes   (SoundCloud link)
  19. PBL/Problem Based Learning - May 28  iTunes(SoundCloud link)
  20. Curriculum Oversight and Management - June 11th (SoundCloud link)
  21. Structural Racism in Medical Education - June 18th
  22. Longitudinal Progression and Assessment Team June 25th (SoundCloud link)
  23. Summer Reading Recommendations for CR22 July 2nd (SoundCloud link)
  24. "What I Need" WIN Weeks (iTunes) 
  25. CAMPP (iTunes link)
  26. Core Clinical Curriculum Design (Soundcloud link)
  27. Assessment Types (Soundcloud link)
  28. How COVID-19 is Shaping CR22 (Soundcloud link)
  29. DCS Small Groups in Vista
  30. Longitudinal Benchmark Content Update (Soundcloud Link)
  31. Curriculum Committee Transition Plan (Soundcloud Link)
  32. Introducing the name for the new curriculum: Vista (Soundcloud link)
  33. MS4 Bootcamps (Soundcloud link)
  34. Clinical Years: Exploration and Horizons (Soundcloud)
  35. Clinical Questioning as an assessment technique
  36. Longitudinal Focus Topic: Health Systems Science
  37. Teaching 4th Graders about Doctoring
  38. Longitudinal Focus Topic: Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  39. Longitudinal Focus Topic: Societal Forces