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List of Current OEE's

OE944 - Care of Amputee 
OE969 - Care and Advocacy for Patients with Physical Disabilities
OE959 - Care of Patient who has Experienced Sexual Assault
OE402 - Care for Patients with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
OE907 - Care of the Seriously Ill
OE967 - Case Managment with in the Worcester Free Clinic Coalition
OE920 - Complementary and Integrative Medicine Elective (CIM)
OE943 - Cooking for the Everyday Eater
OE939 - Correctional Health
OE908 - Creative Writing in Medical School 
OE941 - Data Visualization in R
OE938 - Eating Disorders
OE958 - Exercise: The New Vital Sign?
OE931 - Global Health Topics in Action 
OE965 - How to Care for the Pre-diabetic and Diabetic Patient
OE940 - Healer’s Art
OE957 - DR BHI: Dominican Republic Batey Health Initiative  
OE949 - Interprofessional Immersion Curriculum for Medical Students: A Nurse Shadowing Initiative
OE960 - Kidney Companions:  Dialysis Patient Pairing Program
OE963 - Leadership in Medicine
OE945 - LGBTA Health Education
OE900 - Maternal Child Health
OE937 - Medical Ethics
OE901 - Medical Interviewing in Spanish
OE942 - Medical Mandarian
OE917 - MS Quit: Building Tobacco Treatment Skills
OE966 - Narratives and Medicine:  The Power of Stories to Shape Clinical Practice
OE932 - Navigator Program in Geriatrics
OE950 - Pre-Clinical Surgery Program
OE962 - Primary Care Principles
OE968 - Psychiatry: Defining the Mind
OE946 - Promoting Resilient and Empathic Physicians (PREP)
OE964 - Quality Improvement
OE930 - Roads to Recovery: Substance Abuse from a Patients' Perspective
OE915 - Rural Health Scholars 
OE955 - Sidekicks
OE956 - Simulation Education: an interprofessional elective in simulation-based medical education 
OE948 - Targeting Adolescent Substance Abuse
OE916 - Wilderness Medicine and Recreational Emergencies 
OE961 - Women’s Health:  From Cell to Society
OE924 - Worcester: The Bigger Picture