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Reinstated OEE Application

OEEs that have been inactive for one year or more require the submission of a New Proposal Application and will be referred to as ‘Reinstated’. 

The following information must be included with new full proposal. 

  • Name of original OEE
  • Date original OEE was last active
  • Will the reinstated OEE keep the same name
  • Note any changes or revisions made to the original OEE

Note: Four proposals will be accepted for each term, including reinstated applications. 

View the Proposal Rubric | Download editable version

Information will not be accepted without Faculty Advisor Approval

Optional Enrichment Elective Descriptive Information

note: incomplete proposals will not be accepted

During which T.H. Chan School of Medicine terms will this OEE be offered?

  • If the OEE is offered in Fall or Spring, select appropriate term and submit one application.
  • If the OEE is offered in both Fall and Spring, and offers the same curriculum, select the "Fall & Spring" option and submit one application.
  • If the OEE is offered in both Fall and Spring, each with their own curriculum, submit one application for each term.

Note: For required fields: type N/A if no update is necessary.

Syllabus | Include specific dates and times, location(s), faculty presenters, and learning methodologies. [please submit your OEE syllabus in word format below]

  • Note: No items should be listed as TBD or TBA.
  • Note: Proposed instructors and speakers must have availability for the scheduled dates and times.

Will this OEE be offered in person or virtually?

updated MAY 2022 | cjb