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Helpful COVID-19 guidelines for OEEs

  • Lecture-based OEEs (without hands-on components) should all be virtual
  • ‘Guest faculty’ for OEEs who are not part of UMMS-UMMHC are not permitted on campus, so those must also occur virtually
  • Any on-campus sessions must offer the option of remote participation for all learners
  • Face-to-face sessions must be limited to gatherings of 25 people (if suitable spaces are available) and if f2f is required for the teaching methodology; this must be approved by OEE leadership
  • If OEE enrollment is greater than 25, introduce a sign-up process to allow for learners to participate in some sessions live, and others remotely
  • Adhere to all UMass regulations regarding PPE, hygiene and spacing
  • If procedures or closer physical contact or procedures are part of the teaching methodology, this should be limited to 15 minutes at a time and with appropriate PPE including eye covering; in these circumstances group numbers will be less than 25 and determined based on type of procedure; these must be approved by the OEE leadership
  • In the case of OEEs with procedural or hands-on training sessions depending on the number of students signed up for the OEE it is likely that all will not be able to participate f2f in every session.  OEE student leaders must determine a fair mechanism for scheduling these sessions
  • Students are responsible for setting up zoom meetings

Read UMMS Student Government Alliance (SGA) Student Learner Compact (pdf)

Read UMMS Student Government Alliance (SGA) Student Learner Guidelines (pdf)