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Global Health Pathway FAQ

Is it a requirement for students in the Global Health Pathway (GHP) to do a Capstone project on a topic that is related to global health?

Yes.  With that said, global health topics can involve populations and topics either inside the U.S. (e.g., addressing an issue facing refugee and immigrants living in the U.S.) or outside the U.S. (e.g., doing research regarding training emergency care providers in Uganda).

If I participate in the GHP, does it appear on my academic credit?

Yes.  The GHP is not a "for credit" activity and there are no grades assigned on a student's official UMMS transcript. However, each year that a student participates in the GHP and fulfills the specified requirements of the GHP, participation in the GHP is noted on the student's official UMMS transcript.

How and when do I apply to the GHP?

Applications to the GHP are released (via an email sent out to the entire class of incoming 1st year students) around July to August of each year near the start of 1st year of medical school.  Applications are accepted from interested 1st year UMMS medical students, and are usually due around the end of August.  Selections are typically made around September of each year.

Can one of the Co-Directors of the Global Health Pathway be a student's advisor for their Capstone project?

Typically, "No".  The Co-Directors of the GHP can’t be the UMMS Elective Advisor or the Capstone Advisor for all the GHP students.  However, there might be exceptions to this, such as if the student is doing a global health experience or a Capstone project in a location or topic that is in the Co-Director's areas of expertise.

Can a student in the Global Health Pathway (GHP) do a Global Health Immersion Experience during the summer between 1st and 2nd year of medical school that is less than 6 weeks in duration?

Typically “no”.  The Global Health Immersion Experience is an intensive six to eight week experience between 1st and 2nd year of medical school that is a key piece of the GHP.  If a 1st year student knows that they do not want to spend at least six weeks on a Global Health Immersion Experience, then they typically should not apply to the GHP.

Students interested in applying to the GHP should keep in mind that the Global Health Immersion Experience can be done either inside the U.S, or outside the U.S.  However, regardless of the location, a minimum of six weeks is required in order to ensure a high-quality, in-depth experience.

Students that have specific projects in mind for a Global Health Immersion Experience that would occur in two locations can apply to the GHP, but they should explain their proposed project and rationale in their application.  For example, if a student wants to travel to Asia to work with a health organization that operates a clinic in Asia for 4 weeks, and then complete the project at the organization’s headquarters in New York, then a project such as this could be granted an exception, and the student should explain their proposed project on their application to the GHP.