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Global Health Topics in Action

Global Health Topics in Action is an Optional Enrichment Elective (OEE) at UMMS, and is a student-led OEE that introduces students to major global health topics and issues surrounding global health work to increase their ability to advocate and build awareness as future health professionals.  Students are...

  1. Exposed to the basic prevalence and incidence of major global health diseases such as childhood illness, maternal mortality, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, chronic disease, and water and sanitation.
  2. Encouraged to think critically on issues and themes in global health today including community-based approaches to global health, donor funding and its impact on programmatic interventions and alignment with disease burden, and incorporating evidence-based solutions to global health challenges.
  • Elective/course title: Global Health Topics in Action, OEE #931
  • Overview of this OEE: Overview for the 2017-2018 Academic Year
  • List of all the Optional Enrichment Electives (OEEs): List of Current OEEs
  • Contact Information: For further information, please contact the current student leaders of the Global Health Topics in Action OEE.
  • Faculty Advisor: Michael Chin, MD
  • Student-leaders of the Global Health Topics in Action OEE:
    •  Academic Year 2013-2014: Nicole Koulis and Rand Nashi
    • Academic Year 2014-2015: Simone Miller and Marie-Michele Sainvil
    • Academic Year 2015-2016: Raghu Appasani, Nichole Lang, Jerome Rogich
    • Academic Year 2016-2017: Robert (John) Barber, Supreetha Gubbala, Gregory Zandrow 
    • Academic Year 2017-2018: Hannah Duehren, Stephanie Ng, Jessica Pierre-Francois
    • Academic Year 2018-2019: Hussein Antar, Kirstin Lee, Emily Nuss, and Maria Abraham
  • Achievements of the Global Health Topics in Action OEE: 
    • Academic Year 2014-2015: Dr. Chin, Simone Miller and Marie-Michele Sainvil received a UMMS Healy Award to support the efforts of this OEE.

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