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Opportunities for teaching & mentoring UMMS medical students in global health

UMMS medical students in the Global Health Pathway
Class of 2018
Students in the Global Health Pathway discuss a case of schistosomiasis in a patient who presented in the ED with leg weakness 3 weeks after returning from a trip to East Africa

There are many opportunities available for professionals who are interested in teaching and mentoring UMMS medical students regarding topics related to global health. These opportunities are available not only to UMMS faculty, fellows and residents, but also to community members such non-faculty physicians and other professionals (e.g., a leader or staff member of a non-profit organization serving immigrant and refugee populations).

There is a wide spectrum of opportunities to teach and mentor medical students, including opportunities that require only 10 minutes of time (e.g., talking to students about how you incorporate global health into your career), as well as opportunities that are much more involved (e.g., developing a 1-week elective on a global health topic).

If you have any interest in sharing your experience regarding global health with UMMS medical students, please contact us  at the UMMS International Medical Education Program (IMEP)

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 Examples are listed in order of increasing commitment levels. Opportunities that require smaller amounts of time are listed first.

  • Attend one of the monthly sessions of the Global Health Pathway (GHP), and talk 15-30 GHP medical students for about 15 minutes. This is an informal talk about how your and others have incorporated global health as a career.
  • Give a 15-30 minute talk to 1st or 2nd year GHP students on a global health topic.
  • Support the student-led global health enrichment elective (Global Health Topics in Action).
    • Give a 45-60 minute talk about a global health topic, and or the global health work you have been or are involved with
    • Be part of a panel discussion hosted by the elective (e.g., past panel discussions have included: careers in global health, serving refugee populations living in the US)
  • Mentor students i n the capacity of UMMS Elective Advisor for students traveling to one of the Selected GHP Sites, a focus of students in the GHP.
  • Act as a preceptor on a student-led service & learning trip to the Dominican Republic
  • Assist in developing, implementing, and evaluating a component of the GHP curriculum
    • Journal Club
    • Language Training Curriculum
  • Design, implement, and evaluate a 1 week Flexible Clinical Elective (FCE) for UMMS MS3s
    • e.g., Pediatric Global Health Fellow at UMMS, Sara Beste MD, developed an FCE titled Issues in Global Health, which includes presentation on global health topics (malnutrition, malaria, TB, HIV/AIDS) and a writing assignment.
    • e.g., you may develop an FCE in which students participate in several clinical scenarios related to clinical cases a student might encounter in a developing country outside of the US
  • Design, implement, and evaluate a 4 week elective rotation on a global health topic for UMMS MS4s
    • e.g., you develop a rotation regarding the health care of refugee populations living in the Worcester and or Boston area

Key Resources

Contact information | The IMEP-GHP Team

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