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Capstone & Longitudinal Project in Global Health

One of the core components of the Global Health Pathway (GHP) is a Capstone or longitudinal project that spans multiple years of a student's participation in the GHP. Below is a sample of potential projects available to GHP students. 

Download a printer-friendly version of the information contained on this web page [1-page, PDF document]

Curriculum development & medical education in global health

  • Develop an Flexible Clinical Experience (FCE) or a 4th year UMMS elective on a global health topic
    • Refugee & asylum health
    • Hospice & palliative care in global health
    • Simulations based on cases that may be encountered in a global health setting
    • Reading and reviewing books and/or other resources related to global health 
  • Language training curriculum   
    • Assist in designing and implementing a language curriculum for GHP students
    • Design an FCE or a 4th year elective for non-GHP students regarding language training (separate from the Medical Spanish elective)
  • Global health journal club:  Assist in improving & administering the global health journal club
  • Travel preparation
      • Assist in improving travel preparation resources in general, for all UMMS medical students
      • Assist in improving travel preparation for a specific site that UMMS medical students travel to
  1. Other curriculum development & medical education
    • Develop a curriculum to help students prepare for USMLE board exams by reviewing board preparation questions that are related to global health topics
    • Give 30-minute presentations on particular global health topics to UMMS medical students
      • At 1st or 2nd year GHP seminar sessions
      • At a session of the student-led Global Health OEE

Global health service project

  • Develop and implement a longitudinal service project on a global health topic

  • Develop a project to make audio recording of medical students, patients, family member and other individuals talking about topics relevant to global health, with a goal of raising awareness about global health issues.
    • Record 10 minute interviews with GHP students after they return from their 6 to 8 week Global Health Immersion Experience
    • Record patients and families receiving palliative and hospice care in an under-resourced country, in order to help health care professionals in that country educate the community about palliative care

Global health research project

  • Develop and implement a research project on a global health topic

Resource development & support for the IMEP-GHP

  • Assist in developing the International Health Opportunities Clearinghouse resource that is currently housed within the website of the UMMS Lamar Soutter Library.
  • Assist in disseminating, publicizing, and publishing about the GHP & IMEP (through publishing, attending/presenting at conferences, etc.)
  • Assist in fundraising efforts for the GHP, IMEP, and/or for specific global health projects or initiatives led by the GHP, IMEP, or a UMMS student, faculty or alumni
  • Assist in producing, distributing, improving the yearly Global Health Calendars (which acts as a fundraiser for the GH Service Project, and also to raise awareness about the GHP)
  • Assist in developing and improving processes for connecting UMMS students interested in global health with other faculty, mentors, and students. 
    • UMMS medical students often are looking to talk with other students and faculty doing global health work, and interested in learning about opportunities available to them during 1st through 4th year of medical school.
  • Assist in developing and improving processes for disseminating announcements and information about conferences, courses, and activities.
  • Work with the UMMS Office of Global Health (OGH ) and/or other schools and departments at UMMS in order to support and increase collaboration/coordination across the global health activities ongoing at UMMS.
  • Evaluate the global health curriculum in various residency programs, and build a resource that could be used by future UMMS medical students who are looking to learn what global health opportunities are offered by the different residency programs they are considering applying to.

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