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Women's Faculty Committee

Purpose:  The Women’s Faculty Committee (WFC) provides input from the women faculty of UMass Chan Medical School on matters relevant to women faculty, including recruitment, hiring, professional development, advancement, and retention of women faculty; seeks to promote equity in policies, practices, and procedures of the institution; and may advise the Chancellor on the appointment of candidates for senior leadership positions including Provost, Deans, Chairs and Directors.

Reports to: Chancellor

Governance & Bylaws

The Faculty Council is a Governing Body as defined in the UMass Chan Medical School Governance Document.  The description of the council, including duties and membership, can be found in the UMW Governance Document here.

The Women's Faculty Committee has developed bylaws for the purpose of establishing Chair, quorum and standard operating procedures.  The bylaws are available here.


The WFC shall meet monthly, September through June.  The schedule of meetings shall be distributed to the members at the first meetingof the year.  Additional meetings may be called by the WFC co-chairs with advance notive of five (5) days.  The Faculty-at-Large, residents, post-docs, and students are welcome to attend all meetings.