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Other Internal Faculty Development Programs

The Office of Faculty Affairs seeks to connect faculty with resources that support their professional development. The programs and resources below are internal to UMass Chan Medical School, but not sponsored by the Office of Faculty Affairs. We hope they will prove useful to you in meeting your academic and professional goals.

Teaching of Tomorrow (TOT) A nationally recognized and highly acclaimed faculty development program for preceptors of medical students and residents.
Sponsored by the Clinical Faculty Development Center.

Worcester MPH Program A two-year program leading to the Masters in Public Health with core courses taught on the Worcester campus. Sponsored by the UMass Amherst School of Public Health and Health Sciences.

UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Science (UMCCTS)

Clinical Research Scholar (K12) Program
 Mentored training for faculty in clinical and translational research supported by the UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Science (UMCCTS).

Masters in Clinical Investigation (MSCI)  This program provides MD and PhD trainees with skills that will enable them to design, conduct, and analyze the results of clinical, public health, and translational research investigations. The program includes a mentored research project. 

Research Career & Writing Group (“K-Club”)
  Support for faculty who are planning to submit applications for career development (“K”) awards, through a monthly meeting with faculty mentors (sponsored by the UMCCTS).

I-Corps Program at the UMCCTS This program guides interdisciplinary teams through a hands-on process of understanding the market for their technology utilizing a proven customer discovery methodology. Based on the I-Corps courses run by NSF and NIH.

See here for other educational programs sponsored by the UMCCTS.

Departmental Mentoring Programs

Many departments have established formal mentoring programs. Talk to your chair or division chief about obtaining mentoring within your department. Your Annual Performance Review (APR) meeting with your chair or chief is an excellent opportunity to start this discussion.

You might first complete the Individual Opportunity Plan (IOP) to define your career direction, or Step 1 of the Find a Mentor process to define your mentoring needs.

UMass Memorial Health

UMMH and People Development sponsor leadership and professional development opportunities. For more information visit their professional development webpage or contact MyDevelopment@umassmemorial.org.