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Post Retirement

Faculty have skill sets which they can use to make valuable contributions as volunteers within the Medical School such as assisting with student and resident research, interviewing medical students and engaging in other roles within the various schools and departments. Exploring options for continued contributions and engagement can lead to highly satisfying opportunities for the faculty, be a gift to future health professionals, and impact the future health of our region and beyond.

UMass Chan Medical School offers retired faculty the opportunity to obtain a UMass Chan Medical School badge, to receive invitations to convocation and other major events in the yearly life of the institution, and to keep library privileges. The Albert Sherman Fitness Center offers memberships for retired faculty. Parking can be in the patient/visitor lots or retired faculty may prepay for a hanging tag on a 6 month basis.


Organizations to consider

MAVEN Project: This organization (Medical Alumni Volunteer Expert Network) works with medically underserved areas through telemedicine connections to bring expertise to these communities. Medical support and other (mentoring, teaching, grand rounds) are options for newly retired or partially retired physicians.

Road Scholar Institute Network: This organization (Elder Hostel was its former life), is focused on lifelong learning opportunities for adults and coordinates more than 400 Lifelong Learning Institutes.


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