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Resources for Visiting Team

Resources and data available by each school intended to present UMass Chan Medical School "to students, prospective students, and other members of the public...provides information, including information about student success, that is complete, accurate, timely, readily accessible, clear, and sufficient for intended audiences to make informed decisions about the institution."

Handbooks by school

Virtual Work Room

Requests for information are fulfilled in the Virtual Work Room.  To access information specifically requested by the team, use the links below.  For general requested information by standard, scroll to the bottom of this page. 

In the virtual work room, there are some folders with multiple documents related to the same subject (i.e. examples of major curriculum reform).  In these cases, there is a file named "1.X" located in the folder (sorted to the top) which describes all of the remaining files in the folder.  

Requests by Team 

Documents often found in a NECHE Electronic Workroom by standard