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New EpiServer user group meets monthly to share CMS tips

UMass Medical School Communications

diciembre 09, 2014

Now that UMass Medical School’s IT department has fully implemented EpiServer, the new content management tool for the institution, new EpiServer users are being trained every day. As a way to connect these users to share tips and learn from each other, Robin Morgan has created a user group that meets monthly.

“The goal of the EPiServer user group is to communicate, share knowledge and create a community of EPiServer users across the UMMS campuses by meeting on a monthly basis,” said Morgan, who is the senior product owner on the web development team. “IT would like to partner with the users to continually improve the product and the services they provide.”

Each monthly meeting will include introductions; topic of the month (search engine optimization, Google analytics, improving your content, etc.); tip of the month, and open discussion and Q&A. All EpiServer users who have completed training are invited to attend.

The next meeting will take place Wednesday, Jan. 14, in AS7-2072.

To register, use the Intranet homepage events calendar. For additional information, contact Robin Morgan by email at