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EXPERT’S CORNER: Sherry Pagoto on five keys to weight loss

By Lisa M. Larson and Bryan Goodchild

UMass Medical School Communications

enero 18, 2012

Having published more than 60 papers in scientific journals, Sherry Pagoto, PhD, associate professor of medicine and a licensed clinical psychologist at the UMass Memorial Weight Center, is an expert on losing weight and keeping it off. Her research focuses on health, nutrition, fitness, weight management, depression, stress, cancer prevention and type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Pagoto recommends five keys to successful weight loss: keeping a diet journal, creating a healthy home food environment, utilizing social support, exercising and setting realistic goals.

“The strategy that is going to be the most helpful is to set reasonable goals and a reasonable diet,” Pagoto said.

Watch the full interview with Pagoto.