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2016-05-30 13:30:00 2017-05-30 16:00:00 America/New_York How to tackle NIH budget cuts From Labs to Riches: How to tackle NIH budget cuts Worcester, MA, United States Ryan Shafer Ryan.Shafer@umassmed.edu

Below are up coming and past events of MassTERi. Join us next in our exciting meetings and connect!


Up Coming 



Past Events  

MassTERi Kick-Off Event!

From Chemical to Drug-The Path to Small Molecule IND 

The MassTERi Kick-Off Event, held on November 17th, was a huge success with over 280+ attendees from all 5 UMass campuses. We thank Johnson & Johnson, JLABS, and Janssen Discovery Sciences for their informative presentations!

Thank you everyone for coming!