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Q: How do I get my website setup on

A: To create a website on the web server, submit a Helpdesk request. Please state Web Page Request in the subject line and copy

Q: How do I improve search engine results for my lab website?

A: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is a service provided to University hosted websites by the UMass Chan IT web services team.  Submit a Helpdesk request and please state Website SEO Request in the Subject line.

Q: How do I get a MiCARD Account?     

A: To obtain a MiCARD account please complete the MiCARD access request form (  

Q: How do I get a REDCap account? 

A: To obtain a REDCap account, please complete the REDCap access request form.  

Q: How do I get an account to utilize the High Performance Computing Cluster?

A: To request an account on the UMass GHPC cluster please fill out the form at; for any questions or problems please contact

Q: How do I store my data on the R-Drive?

A: To request R-Drive disk space, please submit a Helpdesk request and please state R-Drive Data in the Subject line. In the body of the email, please provide the HelpDesk with the following required information:

  • Speed type for billing
  • How much disk space is being requested (in 100GB increments)?
  • If this is a new R drive request or if you adding to an existing drive.
  • Provide drive name – if new, what would you like to call the R drive?
  • If existing, what is the current drive path you are adding space to (ex: \\umasschanfile01\somename$)?
  • Provide a contact name, email address and extension number.
  • Provide a list of users who will need access, if this is a new drive.

Q: How do I get a LabArchives eLN Account?

A: Go to the LabArchives website at and create your trial account. Then, contact us at Data Sciences & Technology  and we can move your account over to the UMassMed account.

Q: How do I get access to QuickBase Applications?

A: To request a QuickBase license, please submit a Helpdesk request and state QuickBase License Request in the Subject line. Please copy