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Secure Data Transfer Guidance

Secure FTP (SFTP through MoveIT)

UMass Chan has procured a secure file transfer solution called MoveIT.  MoveIT allows users to securely exchange data with business partners inside and outside of our organization.  Other ftp solutions such as FileZilla or similar freeware are not recommended.

Once a MoveIT account ID is created for both parties (the sender and recipient), files up to 20 GB can be securely shared. These files are encrypted throughout the transfer process and are available for download for up to 10 days.

Request an Account:

  • UMass Chan employee accounts can be requested from the helpdesk.
  • UMass Chan employee's can request an account for a non-UMass Chan business partner. Business partners cannot request accounts directly.  Please complete the request form and submit it to the helpdesk for processing.  Incomplete request forms will not be processed.
    • Non-UMass Chan users will be sent a secure email and will be prompted to create a password.  A link to the service will then be provided.
    • Outside file recipients who do not register for an account will be provided a temporary account which will expire after 7 days.

To Login:

  • Go to
  • Enter your network credentials.


Sending Media by Secure Courier

  • If a third party would rather send the data on a physical drive, CD or thumb drive; that would work as well. The data should be encrypted at AES 256k levels. The media should be packed securely (double boxing is preferred with address labels on both boxes) to prevent loss or damage and sent via a courier that can ensure minimal “handling” and tracking throughout the process (not standard US Mail for example). The password should be sent via email or through the telephone and apply secure construction parameters (upper and lower case, numbers and / or special characters). The recipient should acknowledge receipt and if return of the data is required, apply similar shipping mechanisms.