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Hybrid Simulation

Simulation combining multiple modalities of simulation enhances the reality of a scenario by recreating the environment, physiology, emotions, and dialogue of a real patient encounter.  By combining the expertise of the area’s only Standardized Patient Program with our human patient simulators, we can offer ultra-realistic hybrid simulation scenarios.  For example, a manikin may present as the patient, while the standardized patient will role play as the distraught family member.  Learners must address both the needs of the patients as well as the needs of the family to heighten the quality of the clinical encounter.

Working with clinicians of all levels and disciplines allows a true interprofessional environment just like what they will experience in a hospital or clinic setting. Our faculty and staff work together to create the most realistic scenarios possible.  The collaborations taking place here will truly benefit leaners, providers, and patients in the future. Talk to us today about the right mix of sim modalities to meet the needs of your learners.