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Human Patient Manikins

High fidelity human patient manikins provide students, trainees and experienced practitioners with opportunities to learn, practice and assess skills in a risk-free simulation environment.

iCELS has an extensive inventory of human patient simulators which represents the span of human development - from newborn to toddler to child to adult, male and female.  These manikins replicate a full range of biological actions including heart rate, lung sounds, pulse, and oxygen percentage.  A skilled simulation technician can dynamically control the manikin’s clinical readings and program enhancements like voices, coughs and wheezing.  Utilizing a variety of clinical scenarios, our learners have the opportunity to engage in deliberate practice in a controlled environment.  Clinical scenarios can range from mock codes to clinical decision-making encounters in acute care, trauma settings, patient ward or operating room.  Faculty and instructors can tailor objectives towards team-based communication and collaboration skills, as well as diagnostic skills.

Our simulation rooms have video capabilities that allow us to record the learners and play back the encounters for review in debriefing or in individualized coaching sessions. The recording system is web based so that live streams can viewed from anywhere.