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Physician-Scientist Training Pathway (PSTP)


The Physician-Scientist Training Pathway (PSTP) at UMass Chan Medical School integrates residency training, clinical fellowships, and basic and clinical postdoctoral training to facilitate the transition period between MD/PhD or MD degrees and first faculty position.

The PSTP offers exceptional training opportunities to highly qualified candidates who intend on pursuing careers as physician-scientists. Key elements of the training include individualized clinical training, flexibility in clinical rotation and research training, research and career mentorship and participation in the UMass Chan K writing club (outlined further below).

Trainees in the PSTP have the unique opportunity to work with accomplished clinician-researchers at UMass Chan who are leaders and well-respected in their fields. They may choose from the following available sub-specialties in Internal Medicine: Infectious Disease and Immunology, Cardiology, Rheumatology, Geriatrics, Nephrology, Hematology-Oncology, and Endocrinology.

 Key elements include:

  • Integrated clinical and research training in internal medicine and fellowships - Trainees will work will their mentor/advisor, under the guidelines of the ABIM Research Training Pathway, to establish an individualized clinical training and fellowship program plan, specifically tailored to their clinical and academic goals, and research interests.
  • Flexibility in clinical rotation and research training - Each trainee will have a flexible clinical rotation schedule allowing for protected time, dedicated to their research training.
  • Career mentorship - Each trainee will be matched with a career mentor who will be selected according to their chosen sub-specialty.
  • Participation in K writing club - Trainees will participate in the Research Career & Writing Group “K-Club” which meets periodically to provide information and feedback on academic career development and preparing a Research Career Award application.


The overarching goal of the Physician-Scientist Training Program at UMass Chan Medical School is to offer a formal pathway that supports the development of trainees who endeavor to be independent physician-scientists. Toward that end, trainees will submit individual grant applications during their research training period as a critical component of the Pathway.

 Eligibility and Application Process


  1. Candidates must be trainees with MD/PhD or MD degrees combined with substantial research experience
  2. Candidates must be dedicated to the pursuit of a career as a physician-scientist in one of the available sub-specialties (Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Infectious Disease and Immunology, Nephrology, and Rheumatology)
  3. At least one year experience in basic, translational and clinical research. Applicants with an MD/PhD degree are particularly encouraged to utilize this training pathway.

 Application Process

All applicants interested in applying to the PSTP should send the following information to Dr. Richard Forster, Richard.Forster@umassmed.edu

  1.  Current CV
  2.  Cover letter that includes
    1. AAMC applicant number,
    2. description of why this program would be appropriate for you,
    3. your long-term career goals, and
    4. subspecialty interest for fellowship training.

 Contact information

If you have questions about the PSTP and/or application process and requirements, please contact:

 Richard Forster, MD