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Bioinformatics Basics: Sequence Analysis Bootcamp

Instructors: Manuel Garber, Alper Kucukural and Onur Yukselen

Syllabus: This is a series of lectures on Unix, MGHPC cluster, R language and bioinformatics tools for molecular biologists. The main goal is to introduce the audience to the basics of bioinformatics with a focus on deep sequencing data analysis using RNA-Seq as an example. No prior computer or programming skills are required to follow the lectures.

This boot camp starts with a quick introduction to the Unix environment. Next, genomic file formats will be discussed. There will also be some case studies on genomic data. Then usage of Galaxy, a graphical user interface for bioinformatics tools, will be demonstrated. This is followed by the basics of RNA-Seq data analysis and visualizing RNA-Seq data. The last part of this boot camp is on statistical analysis. A brief introduction to R programming language is followed by statistical tools and methods for RNA-Seq data analysis.

Sessions mix theory and practice by introducing concepts then using real datasets in hands-on exercises.

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