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Electrophysiology/ Animal behavior Core

The Electrophysiology/Animal Behavior (EAB) Core is under the overall direction of Dr. Klann.  All three projects make extensive use of the EAB Core and it is central to the success of the Center.  Dr. Klann and his Assistant Research Scientists will be responsible for analyzing synapse efficacy and cognitive functions in mice as they relate to FXS.  Drs. Bassell and Richter will ship mice to NYU where they will be held in facilities that do not require quarantine. 
Dr. Bhattacharya will perform the necessary electrophysiological and behavioral tests and will analyze and interpret the data under Dr. Klann’s guidance.  The data they obtain will then be sent to the originating lab for integration into larger on-going studies.  The EAB Core will also be responsible for bilateral hippocampal injection of lentiviruses expressing various proteins and shRNAs, which will be followed by electrophysiology and behavioral analysis as outlined in the individual projects.