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2020-2021 Capstone and Discovery Projects

A total of 25 4th year medical students (completing 18 projects) were mentored by members of our FMCH faculty.

Divya Bhatia and Qiuwei Yang
Addressing Burnout through a Podcast: “Murmurs: Stories from our Journey in Medicine”
Advisor: Hugh Silk, MD, MPH

Abigail Bose and Ukpoing Etteh
Recognizing and Engaging Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation: A New Health Student Elective
Advisor: Jennifer Bradford, MD, MPH

Benjamin Cook and Julia Jennings
UMass Medical Spanish Curriculum
Advisor: Lisa Morris, MS

Lindsey Crowley
Patient as Teacher: Bringing the Perspective of Terminally Ill Patients to Medical Education
Advisor: Jennifer Reidy, MD

Juliana Dixon
Implementing Universal Screening for Social Determinants of Health in Adult Well Visits
Advisor: Melanie Gnazzo, MD

Jesse Feierabend-Peters
Coming Home: Understanding Navigator Best Practices to Assist Formerly Incarcerated Persons with Health and Human Service Needs
Advisor: Warren Ferguson, MD

Ellen Franciosi and Laura Thurber
Concussion Education in Youth Sports
Advisor: Lee Mancini, MD

Anna Gubala and Nicole Hayes
MEMBER: Evaluation of the Medical Resident Burnout and Exercise Relationship
Advisor: Jay Broadhurst, MD

Nicholas Hebda
Integrating Oral Health at a Free Medical Program in Worcester, MA
Advisor: Hugh Silk, MD, MPH

Avina Joshi
Health Education Fair at African Community Education, Worcester
Advisor: Olga Valdman, MD

Amy Kilzer and Brooke Moore
Medical Sign Language: Improving Deaf Patient Comfort and Communication with Medical Personnel
Advisor: Phil Fournier, MD

Kristina Lewis
Profound Stress and the Impact on Child Refugees in the Middle East
Advisor: Amber Sarkar, MD

Hau Nguyen
Assessing and Improving US Healthcare System Navigation for Refugee Patients
Advisor: Olga Valdman, MD

Leanne Ondreicka
Creation of a Home-based Physical Therapy Program for Patients with Overuse Knee Injuries
Advisor: Lee Mancini, MD

Aniket Pandya and Monica Tawadros
Joining the Fight Against the Opioid Epidemic through the Head Start Program in Lowell, MA
Advisor: Leanne Winchester, MS, RN

Marya Pulaski
The Interstitium: Reflections Along the Path of Medicine Creating and Evaluating the Impact of a Medical Humanities Blog at the University of Massachusetts Medical School
Advisor: Hugh Silk, MD, MPH

Rose Schutzberg
The Human Side (of Medicine)
Advisor: Sherrilyn Sethi, DMH

Vanessa Villamarin
Worcester Healthy Baby Collaborative-Baby Box Project: A Community-Based Public Health Project to Address Disparities in Infant Mortality
Advisor: Sara Shields, MD, MS