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UMMS Procedures for Filing a Complaint of Sexual Harassment

If any individual(s) (complainant) believes he/she has been subject to sexual harassment, the individual should initiate a complaint immediately by calling or visiting the Diversity and Equal Opportunity Office (DEOO) to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. The longer the period of time between the incident and the initiation of a complaint, the more difficult it is to reconstruct what occurred. A complaint should be filed as soon as possible following the occurrence(s) of the sexual harassment; prompt filing within ninety (90) days of the last occurrence is strongly encouraged.   However, the Medical School retains the right to review a complaint of sexual harassment that is filed beyond the recommended time period.

The presence/involvement of legal counsel is not permitted at any time during the sexual harassment complaint procedures.  If an individual is a member of a collective bargaining unit, they may have the support of a union representative.  However, the representative is not a part of the proceedings, but they may be available for support.  All parties involved in an investigation, including the union representative, are required to keep information related to the investigation confidential.


Informal Complaint

During the informal complaint process, a complainant shares his/her concern with a Diversity and Inclusion Office (DIO) staff member.  The DIO staff member may suggest ways the complainant can resolve the issue(s) in an informal, non-adversarial approach that satisfies all concerned parties. DIO may consult with or refer complainant to other appropriate offices, i.e. Human Resources or the Employee Assistance Program. DIO may schedule follow-up meetings as needed to further assist the complainant.

When filing an informal complaint, the individual must provide the following information:

  • the name of the complainant

  • the specific nature of actions/behaviors leading to the allegation of sexual harassment

  • the date(s) and time (s) of the occurrence(s) of sexual harassment

  • a detailed description of the occurrence(s) of the sexual harassment

  • the name(s) of the person(s) the complainant is accusing of the sexual harassment

  • the name(s) of other individual(s) who have knowledge of the occurrence(s) of the    sexual

  • harassment brought forth in the complaint

  • the remedy or relief that is being sought

Formal Complaint

If at any time the complainant considers the informal complaint procedure unsatisfactory, he/she may elect to forgo the informal procedure and request that a formal complaint be initiated. Also, in some instances, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion may determine that the serious nature of the complaint requires that it be addressed as a formal matter.  

When filing a formal complaint, the individual should put the information stated above in writing and submit it to the DIO.  Please use the Formal Complaint Form available here on the DIO Web site or in the DIO.

The individual(s) accused by the complainant is/are provided a summary of the DIO written report of the complaint and given an opportunity to respond to the allegation(s).  The appropriate managers are informed of the filing of a formal complaint on a need to know basis.


Complaint Form

CARE website: Campus Advocacy, Resources, and Education (for sex discrimination and violence)