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CARE: Campus Advocacy Resource and Education site

for the Prevention and Reporting of Sexual Assault and Violence

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As an academic institution dedicated to learning, discovery, and patient care, the UMMS Community strives to maintain a campus free of sex and gender-based acts of violence.  Such acts are contrary to the mission and values of our institution and are forms of educational discrimination that are prohibited under Title IX.  

The CARE website is a resource designed to help UMMS Community members become better informed about recognizing, preventing, and responding to sexual assault and violence should it occur on our campuses.   Get informed, get support or help, or learn who to contact in order to report sexual misconduct that occurs on campus, in educational settings, or in UMMS residential areas. 

To file a complaint please complete and return the Title IX Complaint Form to



EAP (Faculty and Staff)
Call 1-800-322-5327 

House Officer Counseling Services (UMMS GME Residents only)

Student Counseling Services  

External Support

Daybreak Domestic Violence
Hotline: (508) 755-9030 (staffed 24 hours/ 7 days a week)
Online Chat:

Worcester County Victims Assistance: (508) 792-0214

Worcester Intervention Network (WIN) - a partnership between Daybreak and the domestic violence unit of Worcester Police: (508) 799-8610

Pathways for Change (formerly Rape Crisis Center of Central Massachusetts): 1-800-870-5905 (staffed 24 hours/ 7 days a week)

Infolink-National Victim Resource Line: 1-800-FYI-CALL

Rape Abuse Incest National Network (RAINN): 1-800-656-HOPE

Safelink (Statewide Domestic Violence Hotline): 1-877-785-2020


Medical assistance:

UMASS Memorial Health Care
(508) 334-5214


Student Health Services
(508) 334-8464

Employee Health Services 
(508) 793-6400
URL (login required

St. Vincent’s Hospital
(508) 363-5000 

Emergency 9-1-1


Contact Title IX Officers:

Deputy Title IX Administrator
Marlene Tucker, Assistant Vice Chancellor
Human Resources

Other UMMS Reporting Officials


Complaint Form – Email to:

UMASS Medical School
Department of Public Safety
Main level Visitor Parking
Staffed 24/7
(508) 856-3296 

Worcester Police Department
(508) 799-8466

Emergency 9-1-1

Attorney General's Office Victim Compensation Division: (617) 727-2200

Worcester County District Attorney: (508) 755-8601

Important Terms and Definitions


A report of conduct in violation of UMMS policy made to a UMMS official.

Complainant (also Reporter):

The individual(s) who have experienced or witnessed a violation of UMMS policy.

Consensual Relationship:

A romantic or sexual relationship in which consent for communication or contact of a sexual nature has been given without threats, coercion or physical force.


Permission for communication and/or contact of a sexual nature given freely, actively and knowingly using mutually understandable, unambiguous words or actions. A person is unable to give consent when incapacitated, threatened verbally or physically, or threatened with job or course grade or evaluation consequences for not agreeing to a sexual act or tolerating sexual harassment.

Mandatory Reporter:

All students, faculty, staff, post docs, residents, volunteers and guests must report any sexual misconduct involving minors (individuals under the age of 18).


The individual who must answer to a claim of sexual discrimination, harassment, violence or any other violation of UMMS policy.

Responsible Employee (RE):

Designed employees with the authority to redress harassment and have the duty to report harassment or other types of misconduct to appropriate officials. Reporting to an RE provides notice to the school of possible misconduct. Also known as Campus Security Authority.


Action(s) targeted toward an individual(s) who, reasonably and in good faith, files a complaint, participates in the investigation or resolution of a discrimination or harassment complaint or otherwise demonstrates opposition to a discriminatory practice or policy.

Sexual Misconduct:

Any conduct of a sexual nature directed at an individual due to their gender or perceived gender

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