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UMass Diabetes Center of Excellence Blog

Get the Most Out of Your Walks

Posted On: miércoles, septiembre 09, 2020 Posted By: UMass Memorial Simply Well Newsletter Tags: Healthy Living, Wellness

Exercise is an important part of managing diabetes. Physical activity can help your body's insulin work better, increase metabolism, help to lose or maintain weight, provide energy, decrease stress and provides other health benefits.  Here are some ideas to 

Grab a Trash Bag and Try Plogging or Plalking

Plogging is the latest fitness craze from Sweden. It combines jogging and the Swedish term, “plocka upp,” meaning pick up. In this case, walking and litter. As it's spread throughout Europe and now in the United States, variations include “plalking” or walking while picking up trash, and “pliking” or biking and trash cleanup. By incorporating plalking, you'll clean your neighborhood and increase your workout. Squatting and bending to pick up litter as you walk burns more calories than simply walking. Don’t forget to wear gloves!  

Change Routes and Work Different Muscle Groups

One way to elevate your walk is to alternate routes and include inclines. Walking uphill targets muscle groups that aren't engaged while walking on a flat path. Incorporate a side step or walk backwards at times to help improve balance and strength. Switching up the surface from a concrete road to a sandy beach can also be beneficial in working lesser used muscle groups. Changing up routes will keep you motivated, offer new views, and keep you from getting bored with your walking routine.

This blog post was adapted from articles in the UMass Memorial Simply Well newsletter.