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For Medical Providers and Practices: Trauma-Informed Care Resources

Research continues to show that trauma-informed care is essential when treating pediatric populations. Trauma-informed care improves short- and long-term outcomes and increases patient engagement and trust. Through our Resilience Through Relationships Initiative, we’ve developed trainings, toolkits, and other trauma-informed pediatric care resources that provide practical solutions to address mental health as part of pediatric care.

Make a Referral for Massachusetts Youth Who Need Evidence-Based
Treatments (EBTs) for Trauma

LINK-KID is a centralized referral system that quickly connects youth aged 0 to 22 who need EBTs with mental health providers trained in them.

Get involved with LINK-KID:

Join Our Provider Network

Make a referral for an Eligible Youth

Child Trauma Resources for Children, Families, and Child-Serving Professionals

Our child trauma resources help families and child-serving professionals address and overcome trauma. Explore our resources:

Child Trauma Resources for Medical Providers and Practices

Explore our trauma-informed care resources:


      • AAP Podcast: Pediatrics on Call: This episode from Aug. 25, 2020, discusses caring for children in foster care and features pediatrician Heather C. Forkey, MD, FAAP, medical director of Lifeline for Kids.

Policies and Practical Guidance

Trauma-Informed Care in the Medical Field