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Tongji University School of Medicine


The Medical School of Tongji University has offered medical education to a large number of students and has enjoyed an excellent reputation both at home and abroad since it was established in 1907 as Tongji German Medical School by Erich Paulun. The name Tongji suggests cooperating by riding the same boat.) The school was later expanded to include engineering in its programs and got its new name as Tongji Medical and Engineering School in 1912. It was formally established as a university in 1923 and was renamed as National Tongji University in 1927. It then grew to be a comprehensive university which offered programs in science, engineering, medicine, arts, and law. In 1950,the medical school of Tongji University moved to Wuhan. In 2000, Tongji University acquired Tiedao University and the medical school of Tiedao University became medical school of Tongji University. Now the Medical School is under the Faculty of Medicine and Life Science faculty of Tongji University, and consists of the School of Stomatology, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Tongji Hospital, Railway Workers Hospital, and Oriental Hospital.


Clinical rotation opportunities in China are available to UMass Chan students.  If you are interested and would like to have additional information, please

Contact China Program Office