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Advisory Committee

Executive Advisory Committee


Dr. Michael Collins

Scientific Program:

Dr. Craig Mello

Translational Program:

Dr. Terry Flotte

Educational Program:

Kathy Teehan

Strategy & Government Relation:

Allan Guo

UMass System:

Dr. Marcie Williams

IP/Technology Transfer:

Dr. Jim McNamara

UMassMed coordination:

Brendan Chisholm

Program Advisory Committee

 Global Health Strategy:                      Dr.  Katherine Luzuriaga
 Medical Education:                Dr. Michele Pugnaire
 Graduate Medical Education:              Dr. Deborah DeMarco
 Graduate Student Education:       Dr. Anthony Carruthers
 Nursing Education:       Dr. Paulette Seymour-Route
 Stem Cells:       Dr. Gary Stein
 RNAi:       Dr. Michael Czech
 Vaccine:       Dr. Shan Lu
 Biotech:       Dr. Donna Ambrosino
 Genetic testing:       Dr. John Landers


Clinical rotation opportunities in China are available to UMass Chan students.  If you are interested and would like to have additional information, please

Contact China Program Office